HCP Vault supports the v1/sys/metrics endpoint to get telemetry metrics for Vault.

You can access the telemetry endpoint using the Vault cluster's public URL.

Public Cluster URL

If public access is disabled, invoke the endpoint through the peered VPC.

The returned default metrics use a sink that only retains metrics for one minute. Therefore, if you want to get an accurate set of telemetry data, you need to either make requests every minute, or utilize the Prometheus sink which defaults to 24 hours of retention. To access the Prometheus sink, you need to make a request with a query parameter, format=prometheus.

In the future, the unauthenticated access to the /v1/sys/metrics endpoint will be disabled for increased security; therefore, it will require a client token with a policy permitting the read access to invoke the endpoint. In addition to using the API, you will be able to access the telemetry data through the HCP portal for enhanced operational experience.