Automate build management across cloud providers.

Set up HCP Packer in minutes to start tracking Packer image updates across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines.

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What is HCP Packer?

HCP Packer is a cross cloud image gallery for Packer. It uses metadata to track images, their artifacts, their iterations, as well as their build artifacts across clouds. Fetch the latest iteration of an image using the HCP Packer API to use across downstream builds and provisioning pipelines, and revoke images using automation.

Learn how to use HCP Packer
  • Update images across clouds

    HCP Packer tracks all builds associated with your golden images, regardless of which hypervisor or cloud the build is associated with

  • Create processes for security

    Set end of life dates for images, or set up workflows that can revoke images across builds immediately

  • Integrate with Terraform

    Using the HCP Provider for Terraform, the Packer data source allows your teams to codify images in your Terraform configuration files rather than hard-coding them

How it works

Codify images and their iterations

Connect HCP Packer to your Packer OSS configuration, define the metadata you’d like to track, and run packer build.

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    Start tracking images in minutes

    HCP Packer will generate a bucket containing metadata about your image iterations and their artifacts, which can be accessed via a UI or API.

Standardize golden images

Declare preferred iterations of an image using testing and production channels in HCP Packer. By referencing these channel IDs to configure downstream Packer images, you can update their base images with less work.

    Automate image updates across provisioning pipelines

    HCP Packer integrates with Terraform using the HCP provider for Terraform, enabling you to use codified versions of images instead of hard-coding them.

    • Enable self-service infrastructure

      By making golden images available as a data source, other teams can always reference the correct version of an image.

    • Create multi-cloud compliance workflows

      By integrating HCP Packer with Terraform Cloud, your team can mark image iterations that should be revoked, and enforce compliance of this using Terraform Cloud.

    Gain productivity through automation

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    Support your current workflows


    Integrate base images into existing Packer workflows

    Extend Packer images from other common source images by referencing their image ID

    Learn how to build golden images using HCP Packer
    Code example

    Run automated updates across Terraform pipelines

    Update images using the HCP provider for Terraform, and enforce compliance using Terraform Cloud.

    Integrate Packer and Terraform using the HCP provider
    Code example

    Get started with HCP Packer

    Get started with HCP Packer by using the HashiCorp Cloud Platform portal and start simplifying your machine images.