Automate build management across cloud providers.

Integrate HCP Packer in minutes to start tracking Packer images across your existing provisioning pipelines.

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What is HCP Packer?

HCP Packer is a cross cloud image gallery for Packer. It uses metadata to track machine images, iterations of those images, as well as the builds associated with them. Associate an ID with a preferred image, and then use it to dynamically update builds across your provisioning pipeline.

Learn how to use HCP Packer
  • Manage artifacts across clouds

    HCP Packer tracks all builds associated with every iteration of an image, regardless of which hypervisor or cloud the build is associated with.

  • Configure downstream builds

    Use custom labels to track dependencies in builds that are due for upgrades or security patches. 

  • Reduce manual work and errors

    Dynamically assign a preferred iteration of an image to a channel, and then reference the channel name across other images and throughout deployments.

How it works

Generate custom metadata

Connect HCP Packer to your existing Packer pipeline with a few environment variables, define the metadata you’d like to track, and run packer build.

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    Start tracking images in minutes

    HCP Packer will generate a bucket containing metadata about your image builds and their artifacts.

Track each version and its associated builds

Any time you ship a change to an image, HCP Packer saves an iteration, which is an immutable record of the build. Each iteration has an ID, and can be associated with multiple builds artifacts.

    Automate image updates across environments

    • Pin your preferred image to a channel

      Create a channel that describes the quality and stability of the build. Then associate the preferred iteration to that channel.

    • Automate build changes downstream

      Reference this channel name to dynamically update base image across downstream images, and throughout provisioning pipelines.

    Gain productivity through automation

    Support your current workflows


    Integrate base images into existing Packer workflows

    Extend Packer images from other common source images by referencing their image ID.

    Learn how to create a child image from a registry image
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    Run automated updates across Terraform pipelines

    Ensure that other teams can use the exact image that they need, and always stay up to date without extra code changes.

    Integrate Packer and Terraform using the HCP provider
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    Get started with HCP Packer

    Get started with HCP Packer by using the HashiCorp Cloud Platform portal and start simplifying your machine images.