Deploy, manage, and observe applications on any platform

HCP Waypoint allows developers to deploy their applications through a consistent abstraction of underlying infrastructure. With HCP Waypoint, users can easily deploy from Terraform onto a variety of platforms such as Kubernetes, ECS, and Nomad.

What is HCP Waypoint?

HCP Waypoint is a deployment platform that simplifies how developers release applications. 

Waypoint on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform allows you to manage your application lifecycle without needing to maintain a Waypoint server and its associated infrastructure.

Learn how to use HCP Waypoint
  • Build consistent workflows for your application deployments

    The waypoint.hcl file allows users to describe how to get their application from local development to production in a declarative way.

  • Integrate with existing tools and platforms using Waypoint plugins

    Waypoint uses a plugin architecture to provide build, registry, deploy, and release abilities.

  • Get started quickly

    Using a single pre-configured file, Waypoint deploys applications to your platform in minutes using a single command.

How it works

Configure your app

The waypoint.hcl file lets you define how HCP Waypoint builds, deploys, and releases an application.

  • Workflow extensibility

    Utilize Waypoint’s plugin ecosystem to integrate with CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and deployment tools, and more.

Connect securely to your remote infrastructure

Safely connect your infrastructure to HCP Waypoint using runners that perform commands in isolation and can pass environment variables, plugin configurations, and other parameters.

  • Fully-managed Waypoint Server

    Let HashiCorp handle securing, hosting, and updating the Waypoint server so you can just start deploying.

Easily deploy your apps

Perform the build, deploy, and release steps for the app within HCP Waypoint with simple CLI commands or automate your deployments through Remote or Git operations.

  • Debug and observe

    No matter where your developers are deploying to, they can view logs, builds, releases, and even run exec commands - all from the Waypoint UI.

Why HCP Waypoint

  • Fully-managed Waypoint server

    Get up and running on HCP Waypoint without worrying about securing and managing the server.

  • Monitor your application lifecycle

    Deploy applications across platforms and track provisioned resources through a single UI.

  • Improve developer experience

    Platform and ops teams can create standardized deployment workflows that are easy to consume by developers.

Integrate with your existing workflows

JenkinsGithubContinuous IntegrationCircle CI

Integrate with your CI tools

Install Waypoint on your choice of CI tools to automate the execution of HCP Waypoint as your deployment tool.

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Integrate with Terraform

Leverage existing Terraform files and have HCP Waypoint consume Terraform configuration values or input variable values.

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Get started with HCP Waypoint

Get started with Waypoint on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform and simplify your application deployments