»HashiCorp Cloud SLA

Last updated: July 2021

HashiCorp will use commercially reasonable efforts to maximize the availability of HashiCorp Cloud services, and provides uptime guarantees as detailed below. This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies only to HashiCorp Cloud services at the Enterprise tier or above and does not apply to any other product offered by HashiCorp.

If we do not achieve and maintain the Quarterly Uptime Percentages set forth in the table below, then you may be eligible for the following Service Credit(s).

Quarterly Uptime PercentageService Credit
< 99.9% but >= 99.5%10%
< 99.5% but >= 99%20%
< 99%30%


As used herein, “Quarter” refers to a calendar quarter.

Critical Operation” means an operation that is essential to the proper functioning of a running Production Workload on each HashiCorp Cloud service as listed below.

ProductCritical Operation Definition
HashiCorp Cloud Platform, ConsulA Production Tier Consul client is able to issue a Consul API call.
Hashicorp Cloud Platform, VaultA Production Tier Vault client is able to issue a Vault API call.
HashiCorp Consul Service for AzureA Consul client is able to issue a Consul API call.
HashiCorp Terraform Cloud for BusinessA Terraform client is able to successfully complete a Terraform run.

Production Workload” means a running HashiCorp Cloud service instance based on a SKU recommended for Production use.

"Applicable Quarterly Service Fees" means (1) for the Terraform Cloud Service the total fees paid by you for the service instance during the Quarter in which Downtime occurred and (2) for the HashiCorp Cloud Platform services and the HashiCorp Consul Service the total fees paid for the impacted Cluster(s) during the Quarter in which the Downtime occured.

"Downtime" is calculated per HashiCorp Cloud service on a quarterly basis and is the total number of minutes during the Quarter that the HashiCorp Cloud service was unavailable to perform Critical Operations. A minute is considered unavailable if all of your continuous attempts to perform a Critical Operation as defined by each HashiCorp Cloud service within the minute fail. Downtime does not include partial minutes of unavailability or scheduled downtime for maintenance and upgrades.

"Quarterly Uptime Percentage" is calculated per the HashiCorp Cloud service on a Quarterly basis and is calculated as: ((total minutes in Quarter - Downtime) / (total minutes in Quarter)) * 100. Any HashiCorp Cloud service deployed for only part of the Quarter is assumed to be 100% available for the portion of the Quarter that it is not deployed.

"Service Credit" is the percentage of the Applicable Quarterly Service Fees credited to you if HashiCorp approves your claim, as set forth in the table above.

»Customer Obligations

To be eligible for a Service Credit:

You must log a support ticket with HashiCorp at support.hashicorp.com within ten (10) business days after the last day of the Quarter in which the Quarterly Uptime Percentages have not been met.

You must include all information necessary for HashiCorp to validate your claim, including: (i) a detailed description of the events resulting in Downtime, including your request logs that document the errors and corroborate your claimed outage (with any confidential or sensitive information in the logs removed or replaced with asterisks); (ii) information regarding the time and duration of the Downtime; (iii) the number and location(s) of affected users (if applicable); and (iv) descriptions of your attempts to resolve the Downtime at the time of occurrence.

You must reasonably assist HashiCorp in investigating the cause of the Downtime and processing your claim.

You must comply with your applicable HashiCorp Cloud service agreement, applicable HashiCorp documentation and any advice from our support team.

You must not be delinquent in payments for the affected cloud service.

»Service Credits

We will process claims within 45 days of receipt. If we determine that you have satisfied the customer obligations above and that none of the below limitations disqualify your claim, we will grant you a Service Credit.

We will apply any Service Credit to a future invoice or payment for the HashiCorp Cloud service that experienced the Downtime. Service Credits will not be applied to fees for any other HashiCorp Cloud service or paid as refunds.

Service Credits are your sole and exclusive remedy under this SLA.


Downtime does not include, and you will not be eligible for a Service Credit for, any performance or availability issue that results from:

Factors outside of our reasonable control, including without limitation natural disaster, war, acts of terrorism, riots, government action, network attacks and/or a network or device failure at your site or between your site and the HashiCorp Cloud service;

Services, hardware, or software provided by a third party, such as cloud platform services on which the HashiCorp Cloud service runs, or the cloud service to which a customer seeks to deploy applications;

Use of your password or equipment to access our network; or

Your or any third party’s (a) improper use, scaling or configuration of the HashiCorp Cloud service, or (b) failure to follow appropriate security practices.