»Setting Up Billing

When you first create a new HCP organization, you will automatically be granted $50 in trial credits to use towards HCP services. You can optionally add a payment method during setup at this time. If this is skipped, your organization will remain in Trial status until credits are consumed or a payment method is added. You can add or edit the payment method for your organization at any point from the Billing tab on the left navigation bar in the HCP Portal.

Trial interstitial

When adding a payment method, you have two options: Credit Card or Contract. Adding a credit card will accrue your organization’s usage charges over the course of each calendar month and you will be automatically charged end of the month. You will receive an email with the invoice copy at the email address specified when setting up the payment method.

The Contract option is used if you have set up an annual contract for HCP with our sales team. HashiCorp will send you an activation key to enter here and unlock your organization, and invoicing will be handled directly with your account manager. To learn more about discounting HCP services with annual contracts, please contact us here.

»HCP Usage

HCP services are deployed as resources that are billed based on usage. Currently, we support billing for all generally available services on HCP. Resources will list the hourly rate when you deploy them, but actual usage will be metered and calculated on a per-minute basis for increased accuracy. For example, a Consul development cluster starts at $0.02 per hour. Prices may vary slightly by country or your HVN’s cloud provider region.

The HCP Billing page will show your organization’s running usage for the month and a summary of charges accrued thus far by resource and grouped by date if the charges are related. Grouped charges will include upgrades or downgrades to resources like Consul clusters. You will not be invoiced until the end of the month for credit card payments.

Billing Page

»Credits and Trial Status

HCP automatically grants you $50 of trial credits when you create your organization. These credits can currently be used for HCP Consul and provide around two months of uptime on Consul or Vault Development clusters.

If you do not add a payment method to your organization, your billing page will indicate Trial status and the org will be limited to a single Consul or Vault development cluster. Adding a payment method will allow you to deploy up to three clusters, and will unlock production-grade clusters once supported.

Organizations with credit cards configured will have credits deducted before accruing charges against the card, and organizations with annual contracts will not consume credits. The billing page shows your remaining credit balance.

»Account Delinquency

For new organizations, if you do not add a payment method before the credit balance runs out, your trial cluster will be automatically deleted upon credit depletion. We recommend adding a payment method early to ensure resources stay up, as credits will be consumed before any charges.

Organizations configured with a credit card are charged and invoiced automatically at the end of the month. If the card on file is expired or otherwise unable to process payment, we will retry payment a number of times over a set duration and notify you at the configured billing email address. HCP will freeze APIs to prevent further resource creation, and if the account is deemed delinquent after a sufficient duration without response, we may delete your organization’s paid resources.