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HCP Consul on AWS

Managed service mesh across Amazon EKS and EC2 applications.

Secure application networking with identity based authorization, automatic service-to-service encryption, and L7 traffic management.

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  • Secure by default

    • Automatic mTLS encryption
    • Zero-trust networking
    • Certificate rotation
  • Application Networking

    • Traffic shaping and splitting
    • Service failover
    • Path based routing

Why HCP?

The easiest way to deploy HashiCorp products in the cloud.

  • Push-button deployments

    Production-grade infrastructure, built-in security, and pay-as-you-go pricing accelerate cloud adoption.

  • Fully managed infrastructure

    HashiCorp experts manage, monitor, upgrade, and scale your clusters, to help increase productivity and reduce your costs.

  • One workflow across clouds

    HashiCorp’s centralized identity, policies, and virtual networks enable consistency and flexibility for your team.

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