A secure, resilient service mesh for any organization

HCP Consul enables platform operators to quickly deploy a fully managed, secure-by-default service mesh, helping developers discover and securely connect any application on any runtime, including Kubernetes, Nomad, and Amazon ECS.

What is HCP Consul?

Gain the ability to implement service discovery and service mesh capabilities without adding operational overhead on the teams responsible for maintaining cloud networking solutions. HCP Consul provides a secure-by-default, resilient service mesh that is managed and maintained by HashiCorp support experts.  

Learn how to use HCP Consul
  • Simple Service Discovery

    Gain real-time health statuses and location information of all services.

  • Secure by Default Networking

    Ensure all communication on the network is secured, encrypted, and authorized.

  • Resilient Service Mesh Deployments

    Implement a service mesh for managing service to service traffic on infrastructure that is backed by HashiCorp with guaranteed uptime.

How it works

Discover services and monitor health statuses

Automate the service discovery process for end users. Tracking service information and get real-time health checks.

  • Services discoverable in seconds, not days

    HCP Consul communicates with Consul clients in a given environment to track any new or modified applications.   

Secure service to service communication

HCP Consul service mesh enables organizations to ensure that all communication between services is both encrypted and authorized using mTLS certificates and service identities.

  • Achieve peace of mind with secure microservices

    HCP Consul’s service mesh capabilities provide key security measures like mTLS, Access Controls (ACLs),  and automated certificate rotation.   

Split, route, and observe service traffic

Use HCP Consul’s robust traffic management capabilities to shape how applications communicate with one another and observe through third party integrations.

  • Control any connection, on any runtime

    Use Consul’s CLI or Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition (CRDs) for canary deployments, blue/green testing, and more.   

Why HCP Consul

  • Security

    HCP Consul was built with security as a top priority. All service to service communication is denied by default, access controls are enabled, and clusters are proactively patched for any known vulnerabilities.

  • Resiliency

    Let our team get paged instead of yours. All HCP Consul clusters are backed by HashiCorp experts and run on infrastructure backed by a guaranteed uptime SLA.

  • Speed

    HCP Consul can be deployed with the push of a button or through a Terraform workflow. Operators create a shared service for end users, attaching new environments through a peering process.

Support your current workflows



Use Helm to install Consul clients into your own environment and connect them to HCP Consul servers.

Connecting HCP Consul using Helm
Code example


Use the HCP Terraform provider to provision, manage, and delete Consul clusters in a repeatable fashion.

Using Terraform with HCP Consul
Code example

Get started with HCP Consul

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