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Secure applications and protect sensitive data.

HCP Vault provides all of the power and security of Vault, without the complexity and overhead of managing it yourself. Access Vault’s best-in-class secrets management and encryption capabilities instantly and onboard applications and teams easily

What is HCP Vault?

HCP Vault helps protect workloads and sensitive data across any environment by enabling users to secure, store, and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys within one unified cloud-based platform. HCP Vault fits into any workload, scales with your business when you need it, with clusters that can be deployed in minutes.

Learn how to use HCP Vault
  • Day Zero Readiness

    HCP Vault provides instant modern cloud security to quickly secure applications, access, and data from day zero.

  • Ease of Use

    HCP Vault is built around making cloud security automation simple. Get up and running quickly and onboard applications and teams easily.

  • Reliability

    We’ve supported thousands of commercial Vault clusters and HCP Vault brings that expertise directly to users.

How it works

Automate Secrets

Reduce risk of secret exposure by automating how long secrets live and rotating secrets across your entire fleet

  • Dynamic AWS credentials on the fly

    Create and destroy unique, on-demand credentials tied to AWS IAM accounts to automate access between AWS applications and data

Store cloud credentials securely

Securely store and manage access to secrets and systems based on trusted sources of application and user identity

  • Secure your favorite applications and workloads

    HCP Vault provides an easy way to store credentials for all of your applications and data in a central location, like Kubernetes, CI/CD workloads, and more 

Protect your data

Keep cloud application data secure with a centralized workflow to protect data in flight and at rest

  • Encryption as a Service

    Simplify encrypting data, tokenizing sensitive values, signing and validating transactions and more with Encryption as a Service on HCP Vault. 

Integrate with your existing workflows



Manage Kubernetes secrets with HCP Vault to securely inject secrets into pods and application

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AWSaws lambdaIAMRDS

AWS Services

Integrate with AWS IAM and automate access to RDS, Lamda, and more AWS services with ease

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HCP Vault simplifies cloud security automation on fully managed infrastructure. Try it now.