Automate infrastructure provisioning at any scale.

Terraform Cloud enables infrastructure automation for provisioning, compliance, and management of any cloud, data center, and service.

What is Terraform Cloud?

Terraform Cloud is HashiCorp’s managed service offering. It eliminates the need for unnecessary tooling and documentation for practitioners, teams, and organizations to use Terraform in production.

Provision infrastructure in a remote environment that is optimized for the Terraform workflow.

Learn how to use Terraform Cloud
  • Run infrastructure as code remotely

    Store state and execute Terraform runs in an SOC2 compliant and reliable environment for free.

  • Create self-service infrastructure with a private registry

    Standardize infrastructure across your provisioning pipelines using your own private registry.

  • Achieve multi-cloud compliance and management

    Set up permissions and governance features across any resource managed by Terraform. Add capabilities for policy enforcement. 

How it works

Define your infrastructure

Leverage HCL to define new infrastructure configurations, or manage existing configurations that you’ve already written.

  • Standardize deployments in less time

    Author and share custom providers and modules to standardize infrastructure patterns within your organization using a private registry.

Map your environments

Connect your configurations stored locally or in version control to workspaces. A workspace provides everything you need to securely manage a collection of infrastructure for remote provisioning, including remote state storage, permissions, integrations, policies, and more.

  • Gain productivity by defining a repeatable process

    Set up your ideal remote workspaces so that other teams or systems can safely provision infrastructure in automation.

Plan and provision with confidence

Create checks in order for a run to pass. Add functionality into Terraform plans with run tasks, policy as code, or cost estimation.

  • Integrate with your existing provisioning pipeline

    Provision in automation by integrating with your CI/CD pipeline, and send notifications to other systems with each apply.

    When infrastructure changes are applied, your state file will be dynamically updated.

Scale with your team

Provision infrastructure securely and reliably in the cloud with free remote state storage. As you scale, add workspaces to break up monolithic infrastructure or manage more projects.

Build infrastructure remotely with your team

Collaborate in a remote and SOC2 compliant environment.

  • Remote state storage

    Store and dynamically update your Terraform state file securely with encryption at rest.

  • Flexible workflows

    Run Terraform from the CLI, a UI, version control, or the API.

  • Version control (VCS) integration

    Manually approve changes or automate a run as soon as a pull request is merged into a main branch.

  • Collaborate on infrastructure changes

    Review and comment on plans prior to executing any change to infrastructure.

Standardize best practices across your organization.

Help your team remain secure and compliant every time they make a change to infrastructure.

  • Private registry

    Create sets of modules and providers for your infrastructure that promote best practices across your teams.

  • Policy as code

    Create security and compliance guardrails for any Terraform run with Sentinel or third-party tools.

  • Cost estimation

    Calculate costs before applying infrastructure changes, and control them using policy as code.

  • Custom workspace permissions

    Easily onboard and decommission new users with SSO. Set up different access levels for admins, operators, and developers consuming Terraform resources.

  • Drift detection

    Terraform provides built-in continuous checks against infrastructure state to detect changes and provide alerts. Operators can resolve drift issues directly from Terraform.

  • Audit logs

    Export audit logs to external systems via an API, or connect directly into Splunk for better visualization.

Innovate by integrating Terraform into your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Automate Terraform Cloud functionality into the workflows your team uses everyday.

  • Helpful integrations

    Integrate hundreds of third party tools into your Terraform workflow.

  • CI/CD integration

    Integrate Terraform runs into your existing toolchain for improved automation.

  • API

    Build Terraform Cloud into existing and/or automated workflows.

  • Notifications

    Send notifications about runs via email, Slack, or via webhooks.

  • Private datacenter connectivity

    Execute Terraform runs from behind your own firewall, or connect to other private resources.

  • Concurrent runs

    Increase your team’s velocity by adding concurrent runs to your plan.

Get started with Terraform Cloud

Get started with Terraform Cloud and start collaborating

For larger organizations, learn more about the Terraform Cloud Business tier