»HashiCorp Virtual Network

The HashiCorp Virtual Network (HVN) is a fundamental abstraction that makes HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) networking possible. An HVN allows you to delegate an IPv4 CIDR range to HCP, which the platform then uses to automatically create a VPC on AWS.

HVNs are also how you determine where cloud resources are placed. Because an HVN is created within a single cloud region, any resource placed into that HVN will be placed into that cloud region. For example, if you wish to deploy a Consul Cluster into the AWS Virginia region, create an HVN that is assigned to AWS Virginia region. Then choose that HVN when creating your Consul Cluster. There is a 1:1 relationship between HVN’s and cloud regions.

In the HCP portal, you can manually configure your HVN, or use the quickstart setup to automatically provision one with reasonable defaults. Reference the getting started tutorial for a guided experience with the quickstart setup for Consul.

If you want to manage your own IPv4 addresses, create a new HVN, and assign the correct CIDR range to us. When Consul or Vault is provisioned, the platform will use the IP address range assigned to the HVN that the cluster is created in. Reference the deployment tutorial for step-by-step guidance.